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Why Agonia ?
What is Agonia.Net ?
Rules & Code of conduct
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Why agonia ?

Why not ? Agonia means exactly what's supposed to mean!
If you thought Agonia means decay, you were wrong.
Agonia comes back from latin meaning fight, struggle, preoccupation.
In ancient greek was: "agOn" and meant competition.
Public contest.Fight. Struggle!
"Struggle for what... " you'll ask. Struggle to be the best. Struggle to win. Struggle to achieve Something.
"And How ?" you will ask. With us. You write and create - we will tell our opinion. We write - you may tell yours. You are free to join an infinite variety of mind games that will lead you to a personal victory and to our victory, the victory of this community. Because YES! from now on you are part of a community.

Get ready to have an opinion, to engage polemics, to be attacked by other's opinion, and to be destroyed by words, prepare yourself for Agony.
But your Agony is a different thing right now. You know it, It's "Agonia".
It's something else. It's the battle.
There aren't more left to say...
May the best one win. Because in the end, we all win!

What is Agonia.Net ?

  • www.agonia net is an international interactive portal on literature, formed by quite a few cultural communities. Agonia.Net's goal is to build and construct means of communication in literary and social context. The most important option of this site is in the inter activity of the different linguistic communities. romanian, french, spanish, italian, russian, etc. ) which results from the possibility of on-line translation of any text in the site (own or other author's).
  • Besides the great majority of texts in this site, which consist of POETRY, there is also prose, articles on literary technics, essays, reviews and articles of general interest on some social-cultural topics. Together with most of these texts there are polemics (Comments). The site also contains a virtual library, with numerous texts of known authors.
  • Unregistered users can access all the texts within the site without being able to post their own texts or comments on other's.
  • Any visitor is free to become a member of the site if he wants to post his own texts and/or comment other user's ones.
  • Creating an account takes a few minutes and requires a few general information on the member and a valid e-mail account.
  • There are differences between the members of the site. Experienced users, with a vast activity on the site and with a consistent contribution to the development of this portal, have higher levels and several advantages compared to the newcomers. For example, their texts and opinions appearing site immediately posting both in their personal pages and on the main page. The other members may post comments, but they will appear within the site accordingly to their level or to the editor's opinion. Due to the last mentioned category's sustained efforts, we are able to say that all texts and comments that are not automatically approved/revised now in at most a few hours.
  • The level of an user may vary from one lingvistic community to another. Each user has a personal page in which are posted all their texts, independently of the language they were posted in.

Rules and Code of Conduct.

1. Joining the community and advancing in the hierarchy
2. Posting texts
3. Posting comments
4. Access levels
5. Special facilities
6. Editorial policy and reserved rights

Cap 1. Joining the community and promovating

  • 1.1 For joining use the on-line form. For promoting you will have to become active One of conditions of getting a higher level in the community is providing exact information on yourself when filling up the form.
  • 1.2 You have to provide user name, password, name, family name, valid e-mail account in order to complete registration. PLease fill in the additional information to ensure the correct functioning of statistical functions: birth dates, living areas, etc.
  • 1.3 The site policy forbids the use of more than on account by the same member. If found with more than one account, all the accounts will be deleted without warning.
  • 1.4 After joining you will be granted access to a part of the site's activities. Main activities are posting texts and comments. You will be have the opportunity to post, but your texts have to be verified by an editor before they appear within the site. Access levels are explained thoroughly in Chapter 4.
  • 1.5 Promoting to a higher access level (or getting a lower one) is decided by an editor and is based upon your activity on the site. Therefore, sustained activity by posting texts and comments, posting known author's texts in the library, having objective opinions in the workshop area, using proper characters for the language you are writing in, etc, are all grounds for raising you access level. If you think you deserve a higher access level, feel free to post a message on the forum in the topic "I want access level" and an editor will soon visit your page and will decide accordingly.

Cap 2. Posting texts

  • 2.1 Before posting a text, make sure you selected the right language for it.
  • 2.2 Please check on the form the text-type check box, and the sub-type where needed. (Ex: type-poetry, sub-type-haiku).
  • 2.3 The texts that do not comply to the above requirements, as well as texts with several typos or mistakes will be refused towards revising to the author.
    • Basic Rules, orthography and punctuation:
    • a. We allow on this site both orthography with the specific language characters (�, �, etc) and without it. If you are not writing with special characters in a language that requires them, make sure your spelling is correct in all other aspects, or your text will be refused.
    • b. Do not use spaces before punctuation. It is compulsory to use a space after each punctuation sign, except the end of the paragraph which will be marked with an ENTER.
  • 2.4 Texts containing vulgar connotations, attacks towards other persons or any other kind of extremist points of view will be refused without further arguments or explanations.
  • 2.5 Texts with doubtful, arguable or incoherent content will be refused or approved for restricted access. Restricted access means the texts will be sent to the Workshop for opinions or to the author's page only.

Cap 3. Posting comments

  • 3.1 Before posting a comment make sure you selected the right language for the selected text and write your comment ONLY in that language, unless the author ar an editor specified otherwise.
  • 3.2 If spelling mistakes or typos are found within your comments repeatedly, they will be refused.
  • 3.3 Comments with doubtful, arguable or incoherent content will be refused.
  • 3.4 Content-less comments will also be refused, such as: "Wonderful", "oh, how nice", etc.
  • 3.5 Unjustified comments on own texts or comments found to be coming from the same ip (different accounts, brothers, sisters or any other kind of relatives) will be refused and will bring unwanted repercussions to those users.

Cap 4. Access levels

  • 4.1 level 0 - "new member" - Newcomers have this level. At this level:
    • a. - texts and comments enter in site after being verified by an editor.
    • b. - may access the chat, the forum the workshop, and all the approved texts from the site.
    • c. - may not use the functions using rapid interaction: interactive texts
    • d. - may get back to this level if you decided to hide/delete most of your previous texts or by repeatedly breaking the Rules & Code of Conduct..
  • 4.2 level 10 - "commentator"
    • a. - similar to 0 level, with the possibility of posting comments without editor's verification.
  • 4.3 level 50 - "incomplete user"
    • a. - texts and comments enter the site without editor's verification
    • b. - are candidate for the next level, but do not comply with one of the following rules:
      - did not fill in the name or family name fields in your profile
      - are constantly introducing texts with spelling errors or typos, uninteresting content, etc.
  • 4.4 level 100 - "regular user"
    • a. - texts and comments enter the site without editor's verification
    • b. - may access all site activities: interactive texts, etc
    • c. - may suggest articles using the appropriate option in "text-type" and by selecting a topic from the list. Depending on subject and content of the article, an editor will review and post it in one of the Topic Lists, in your page only or will refuse it.
    • d. - may translate any text in any of the available languages on
  • 4.5 level 105 - "HTML user"
    • a. - a regular user that may introduce HTML code in own texts
  • 4.5 level 110 - "remarkable user"
    • a. - may suggest "contest" texts. Suggestions will be reviewed and approved (or not) by an editor.
  • 4.6 level 120 - "star giver"
    • a. - may give "stars", in order to upgrade a text to the list of "recommended reading" texts in the main page of the site.
    • b. - "stars" will be accorded for very good texts together with the reason(s) the text was appreciated.
    • c. - may suggest "community" type texts (see special facilities). Suggestions will be verified by an editor.
  • 4.7 level 140 - "contest manager"
    • a. - may post "contest" type texts without confirmation from an editor.
  • 4.8 level 150 - "columnist"
    • a. - may post "article" type texts without confirmation from an editor. The articles will enter automatically the selected topic.
  • 4.9 level 160 - "literary critic"
    • a. - may post comments that appear in a privileged position in text's page. (temporarily inactive facility)
  • 4.10 level 200 - "editor"
    • a. - verifies (approves/refuses) texts and comments of other users
    • b. - may promote articles to the main article position
    • c. - may change access levels of users
    • d. - verifies the content of dictionaries (rhymes, classic authors)
    • e. - may modify (to some extent) the language selector for a text
  • 4.11 level 250 - "super user"
    • a. - may change access level for all other users (including editors)
    • b. - may modify the language selector for a text
    • c. - keeps contact with super users on other languages
  • 4.12 level 300 - "admin"
    • a. - owner of the website - unlimited rights on all languages

    OBS: failure to comply with any of the above rules or exploiting the lack of (common sense) one will lead to retrogradation, regardless of the user's access level.

  • 4.13 level -10 - "yellow card" - accorded for repeated spelling errors and/or disregard for the site Rules & Code of Conduct
    • a. - texts will only appear in the author's page after verification of an editor.
  • 4.14 level -20 - "red card" - accorded for extreme conduct, show of repeated disregard for the site Rules & Code of Conduct, PLAGIARISM (nu stiu daca exista :).
    • a. - may post only "personal" type texts that will appear only in the author's page after verification of an editor.
    • b. - may not post comments
    • c. - may be promoted only by super users or admin.
      OBS: it is best not to get to this level.

Cap 5. Special facilities: (will be activated soon)

  • 5.1 Workshop
  • 5.2 Communities
  • 5.3 Rhymes dictionary
  • 5.4 Interactive text
  • 5.5 Chat
  • 5.6 Forum
  • 5.7 Photo gallery
  • 5.8 Text translation

Cap 6. Editorial policy and reserved rights

  • 6.1 All the texts published at are owned by their authors (site users) except when they specify otherwise.
    Owners of have the right to publish in electronic form or on paper in the name of (or any other agonia community), any of the texts published (posted) on this site.
    In this case, authors will be notified and will be accorded all the material benefits coming directly and unarguable from publishing rights, according to the author's rights legislation.
  • 6.2 is not taking any responsibilities regarding the provenience of the texts posted by it's members
    Any plagiarist will be banned from If you detect within the site any text violating your (or anybody else's) rights in any way, please send a note to [email protected], together with the needed information to check your note.
  • 6.3 Protection of author's right on the site. All the texts visible on site keep the date of the last modification.
    In most cases, keeps track of all the changes a text has suffered and the date they were operated. We do not guaranty this facility, as our services are free of charge.
    This is the only possible proof of publishing. We believe that nobody will risk posting someone else's texts under their own name.
    Any doubt about one or more texts of an author will be thoroughly checked and will lead to discreditation of that author, regardless of the type of publishing (on-line or on paper).
    For details you may consult and post on the site forum.

Advertise with us

Agonia.Net has more partnership offers for advertising purposes. For more information please send an e-mail preferably in romanian or english to [email protected].

�ntreb�ri des �nt�lnite �i r�spunsuri

TO BE TRANSLATED please email us if you are willing to translate this text

  • a. Cum pot s� corectez un text care �mi apar�ine? Accesezi textul respectiv, verifici dac� e�ti autentificat �n site �i vei g�si �n partea de jos a paginii, dup� c�su�a cu comentarii un link care ��i permite s� editezi textul: "Acest text ��i apar�ine: Po�i edita acest text"
  • b. Cum pot s� introduc un text al unui autor clasic? Accesezi pagina "Clasici" (sub linkul Membri) �i g�se�ti acolo un link "Adaug� un text consacrat" care te duce �n pagina de ad�ugare. Acolo verifici �nt�i dac� autorul exist� �n lista de clasici �i dac� nu exist� po�i accesa link-ul de acolo ca s� �l adaugi.
  • c. C�t dureaz� p�n� c�nd �mi este aprobat un text? �n func�ie de nivelul t�u de acces textul apare automat sau trebuie aprobat de un editor. Editori fac aceast� munc� voluntar, �ns� de obicei textele �i comentariile sunt aprobate �ntr-un interval de c�teva minute p�n� la c�teva ore. Dac� ai trimit foarte multe texte deodat� e posibil ca o parte din acestea s� fie aprobate doar �n ziua urm�toare
  • d. C�te texte pot trimite �ntr-o zi? Tehnic po�i trimite oric�te texte �ntr-o zi. Totu�i, este recomandat s� nu trimi�i mai multe de 3 texte unul dup� altul �i mai mult de 5 texte �n aceea�i zi. Toate textele vor fi aprobate p�n� la urm�, �ns� este posibil ca o parte din ele s� fie am�nate pentru a doua zi pentru a nu intoxica prima pagin� a listei de texte cu materialele aceluia�i autor.
  • e. De ce mi-a fost refuzat un text (sau clasificat ca Atelier sau PaginaAutor)? Cite�te cu aten�ie regulile site-ului. Cel mai probabil este c� ai �nc�lcat una din regulile elementare. Textele trimise la Atelier sunt �nso�ite de obicei de un comentariu explicativ. Textele trimise �n pagina de autor sunt texte care nu respect� anumite reguli ale site-ului sau care nu au caracter literar �i/sau cultural. De asemenea, textul poate fi trimis �n "PaginaAutor" �n cazul �n care autorul acelui text a �nc�lcat una din regulile siteului printr-un comentariu publicat �n subsolul propriului text sau dac� a direc�ionat chiar el comentariile �ntr-o zon� care nu are leg�tur� cu materialul �n cauz�.
  • f. Ce sunt "subiectele fierbin�i"? De ce apar acolo �i texte slabe? Subiectele fierbin�i sunt texte care au acumulat un num�r mare de comentarii relevante. Se �nt�mpl� uneori ca unele texte slabe s� genereze discu�ii aprinse �i atunci aceste texte �ntr� automat la "Subiecte Fierbin�i". Tentativele de for�are a clas�rii unui text �n categoria subiecte fierbin�i va fi sanc�ionat� cu reclasarea acelui text �i plasarea lui doar �n "Pagina Autor".
  • g. Am tradus un text. Cum �l introduc �n site? Dac� textul pe care l-ai tradus apar�ine unui clasic �i nu exist� �nc� pe site va trebui s� �ntroduci mai �nt�i textul �n varianta original� folosind op�iunea de ad�ugare de texte clasice (vezi mai sus cum), s� a�tep�i aprobarea acestuia de un editor �i apoi s� trimi�i traducerea conform instruc�iunilor ce urmeaz�. Dup� ce faci Login, accesezi textul pentru care vrei s� �nscrii o traducere �i faci click pe butonul "Trimite" din rubrica "Traduceri ale acestui text" aflat� exact �nainte de zona de comentarii. Vei fi trimis c�tre un formular care con�ine (pentru referin��) varianta original� a textului �i un spa�iu �n care po�i introduce traducerea ta. Nu uita s� selectezi limba �n care ai tradus textul. Traducerea va ap�rea dup� ce va fi verificat� �i aprobat� de un editor de pe limba �n care ai tradus textul.
  • h. Cum pot s� m� retrag de pe acest site? Conturile create pe site sunt permanente. Pentru c� site-ul con�ine discu�ii realizate prin comentarii la texte, comentariile nu pot fi modificate/�terse, fiindc� ar exista riscul pierderii sensului comentariilor urm�toare. Dac� decizi s� ��i �ncetezi activitatea pe site este suficient s� ��i retragi toate textele �i atunci contul t�u va disp�rea automat din lista de membri. Pagina va r�m�ne �n continuare asociat� cu toate comentariile pe care le-ai f�cut de-a lungul particip�rii tale pe acest site.
  • i. Cum pot edita/corecta/modifica un comentariu? Vezi r�spunsul anterior.
  • j. Cum pot ob�ine un nivel mai mare de acces? �n mod normal atunci c�nd �ndepline�ti condi�iile de promovare vei fi remarcat �i promovat automat de un editor. Interesul nostru este ca to�i cei care merit� un nivel de acces mai mare s� fie promovat pentru ca munca de aprobare a editorilor s� fie c�t mai mic�. Asigur�-te c� respec�ii regulile de func�ionare ale site-ului �i po�i fi promovat chiar �i �n prima lun� de activitate, dac� activitatea ta pe site este semnificativ�. Nu uita s� folose�ti un nume complet �i decent chiar dac� acesta reprezint� doar un pseudonim, �i s� completezi detaliile despre tine, �n special biografia �i informa�iile de contact. Autori cu nume precum "Z�na Zorilor" sau "Cipcirip" nu vor putea primi niciodat� nivel mai mare de 0, iar �n unele cazuri materialele trimise de pe astfel de conturi nu vor putea fi incluse �n listele principale de texte �i comentarii.
  • k. Cum pot face s� primesc mai multe vizite �i mai multe comentarii pe textele mele? Cuv�ntul cheie este INTERAC�IUNE. Cite�te textele altora �i implic�-te �n discu�iile de pe site care te intereseaz� �i �n care te sim�i �n largul t�u. Atunci c�nd g�se�ti un text interesant nu ezita s� la�i un comentariu. Dac� ceea ce scrii are substan�� este foarte probabil ca autorul acelui text �i viitori vizitatori ai textului s� doreasc� s� afle cine e�ti �i cum scrii. Posteaz� texte �ngrijite �i �ine cont de p�rerile celor care te viziteaz�, chiar dac� aceste p�reri sunt critice. ��i vei asigura astfel respectul �i interesul constant al celorlal�i autori activi.
  • l. De ce nu pot schimba adresa de email? O deficien�� a sistemului de mesaje nu permite schimbarea interactiv� a adresei de email. Pentru a face aceast� opera�iune po�i trimite un email de pe noua adres� email la adresa [email protected] �n care s� specifici c� dore�ti aceast� modificare, �mpreun� cu pseudonimul �i parola curent�.
  • m. Cum se poate pierde nivelul de acces? Fiecare autor va primi nivelul de acces care i se potrive�te �n func�ie de activitatea �i comportarea pe site. Nivelul de acces nu reprezint� un barometru al valorii unui autor ci doar o clasificare tehnic� care �i asigur� accesul la diverse facilit��i ale site-ului. De exemplu, dac� un autor cu nivel 1000 public� texte sau comentarii ofensatoare �i nu se conformeaz� avertismentelor editorilor, nivelul lui va fi redus �n a�a fel �nc�t comentariile �i textele sale s� fie verificate de editori �nainte de a fi aprobate. Dac� un autor cu nivel 120 acord� stelu�e f�r� s� respecte regulile de acordare (disponibile mai jos) nivelul lui va fi redus la 105 sau 110 astfel �nc�t s� nu mai poat� beneficia de aceast� facilitate. Dac� un autor cu 105 abuzeaz� de tag-urile HTML el va fi avertizat �i retrogradat la 100. Exemplele pot continua. cu excep�ia cazurilor evidente �i a dovezilor clare de rea-voin�� din parte celor viza�i pentru retrogradare, editorii se consult� �ntre ei �nainte de astfel de ac�iuni. �ine�i cont de faptul c� nivelul este u�or de ob�inut prima dat� �i mult mai greu de re-ob�inut dup� o degradare.
  • n. Ce este limba matern� (limba declarat� la �nscriere) �i la ce folose�te? Deocamdat� aceast� setare nu afecteaz� activitatea pe site. �n momentul �n care ea va fi activat� �i utilizat� va fi f�cut� posibil� �i modificarea ei.
  • o. Ce se �nt�mpl� dac� �mi expir� sesiunea de lucru �n timp ce scriu un text mai lung sau un comentariu? Materialul va fi �nscris �n site �ns� va fi neaprobat pentru ca editorii s� poat� verifica orice eventual� problem� de securitate (browsere uitate deschise prin internet cafe-uri, etc). Nu retrimite�i textul sau comentariul, el va fi aprobat de un editor cu prima ocazie �i va ap�rea pe site.
  • p. Cum pot afla dac� au ap�rut comentarii noi la un text? La textele care ��i apar�in, prime�ti automat notific�ri pe email. Dac� vrei s� afli despre comentarii noi la textele altora trebuie s� ape�i butonul "anun��-m� pe email despre comentarii noi" disponibil �n fiecare pagin� �nainte de c�su�a de comentarii. Dac� nu prime�ti emailurile verific� dac� nu cumva serviciul t�u de email clasific� eronat emailurile de la �n folderul Spam sau Junk �i scoate-le de acolo pentru ca serviciul de email s� �nve�e aceast� op�iune. Acela�i lucru se aplic� �i pentru newsletter-ul nostru bilunar.
  • q. Cum pot insera imagini �n text? �n primul r�nd trebuie s� fii creditat cu nivel minim 105. Apoi po�i introduce pozele de care ai nevoie �n sec�iunea FOTOGRAFIE a site-ului, la categoria "materiale pentru ilustra�ii" �i folose�ti codul care apare sub poz� pentru a face link �n textul t�u folosind tag-ul IMG din HTML.
  • r. Dac� am retras un text �l mai pot recupera? Cum? Daca vrei sa recuperezi un text pe care l-ai retras �n trecut, o po�i face solicit�nd acest lucru printr-un un email trimis de pe adresa cu care e�ti �nscris �n site, la [email protected]. Periodic o mare parte din textele retrase sunt �terse definitiv, a�a c� e posibil ca unele s� nu mai fie recuperabile.
  • s. Cum pot �terge un text care �mi apar�ine? Accesezi textul respectiv dup� ce te autentifici, folose�ti butonul de editare �i apoi, �n pagina de editare, folose�ti butonul �TERGE. Confirmi opera�iunea �i textul t�u este eliminat.
    Ghid de acordare al stelutelor pentru cei care au nivel minim 120.
  • z. Pot acorda stelu�e (marcajul +). C�nd pot acorda o stelu��? Stelu�ele (+) pot fi acordate de membrii cu nivel de acces mai mare sau egal cu 120 la textele pe care le consider� cu adev�rat deosebite. Av�nd �n vedere c� interesul unei persoane pentru un text este un act foarte subiectiv, o stelu�� trebuie s� fie �nso�it� de un comentariu elaborat despre motivele acord�rii acelei stelu�e.
    Iat� genul de remarci care NU trebuie s� �nso�easc� o stelu��:
    • comentarii exclamative de tipul "oau! deosebit! incredibil! extraordinar! sunt siderat! m-ai lovit unde m� doare! m-ai dat pe spate! m-ai l�sat f�r� cuvinte! etc", dac� a�i r�mas f�r� cuvinte �n fa�a unui text �ncerca�i s� reveni�i pe acel text cu un comentariu elaborat atunci c�nd v-au revenit �i cuvintele
    • propozi�ii de genul "dau o stelu�� ca s� vad� �i al�ii acest text, merit� s� fie citit� de mai mul�i" - dac� dori�i s� atrage�i aten�ia asupra unui text/autor, �i pute�i dedica 2 minute pentru a elabora un comentariu decent, dac� nu o pute�i face atunci nu acorda�i nici stelu��
    • "ur�ri de LaMul�iAni, felicit�ri", etc, dac� v� cunoa�te�i cu acel autor personal atunci �i pute�i trimite un email sau un mesaj printr-un sistem de Messenger
    • o majoritate de propozi�ii format� din citate din text - dac� cineva vrea s� reciteasc� o poate face chiar pe text, nu e nevoie s� cit�m fragmente �ntregi dec�t dac� un comentariu elaborat are neap�rat� nevoie s� puncteze ceva printr-un citat
    • "stelu�a de �ncurajare"dac� sim�i�i nevoia s� acorda�i o stelu�� de �ncurajare asigura�i-v� c� oferi�i c�t mai multe sfaturi �i informa�ii utile pentru �mbun�t��irea calit��ii operei acelui autor, altfel stelu�a de �ncurajare poate r�m�ne doar o recompens� facil� pentru un text mediocru
    • stelu�e repetate pentru texte ale aceluia�i autor - �ncerca�i s� alege�i cu aten�ie textele pe care le remarca�i cu stelu��. dac� un autor merit� stelu�� pe fiecare text este bine ca aceste aprecieri s� vin� de la membri diferi�i ai site-ului. iar un autor care scrie constant bine nu mai are nevoie de �ncuraj�ri �i distinc�ii, el �i are asigura�i vizitatorii prin calitatea textelor.
  • *

Nu ufilisits texti dit site fârâ s-nâ spunets.
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