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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry


. Interzicerea expoziției organizate de Societatea ...
Marius Marian ȘOlea

. Celebrarea identității aromânești
2012-12-08 -
Marius Marian ȘOlea

. Treia carti trâ armânj
2012-12-03 -
Marius Marian ȘOlea

. Armâne, fârâ tini yiu, crutsea va tsâ hibâ xe ...
2012-08-30 -
Marius Marian ȘOlea


Transdisciplinarity, a New Vision of the World
Basarab Nicolescu born March 25, 1942. He is an honorary theoretical physicist at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et de Hautes Énergies, ...
by Lucia Daramus


  . Recently in Interviews

Interview with the poet Graham Clifford Interview with the poet Graham Clifford Graham Clifford, 38, is an assistant head teacher at Buxton School in Leytonstone, east London. He has been writing poetry for 10 years and picked ...
by Postolache Cristina

Katherine Gallagher Katherine Gallagher is, in my opinion, the best contemporary writer the world has ever had. Her poems have an impressive, positive energy, the sensibility of her poems, the places that she remembers ...
by Vioreanu Ioana

Interview of K K Srivastava by Patrick Sammut Interview with poet K.K. Srivastava: By Patrick Sammut K K Srivastava, born in Gorakhpur in India, in 1960, is a Civil Servant by profession. He is Principal Accountant General ...
by Kuldeep Kumar Srivastava

Interview with Paul Mc Loughlin 1. What was the most critical crossroad in your professional life? I came to poetry first as a reader (D H Lawrence / Sylvia Plath / T S Eliot / Alexander Pope) but only later in my ...
by meda bucura

Interview with the poet Vicky Wilson - When did you first start to write poetry? Was there a particular event that led you to write? - I began to write poetry when I started a creative-writing course at the University of Kent ...
by Catalina Stefania Virvescu

Interview with the poet William Oxley - Most readers would be interested in knowing your first experiences of writing poetry. Could you tell how you started writing poems? - Falling in love as a teenager led to my first couple ...
by Catalina Stefania Virvescu

Fawzia Kane:"I used to consider home as the people you were with, rather than a place, now I’m not so sure." Fawzia Muradali Kane was born in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago, and came to the UK on a scholarship to study architecture. She now lives in London, and is co-director of KMK Architects with ...
by Sinziana Mihalache

Poems come along and ask to be written Interviewed: Michael Swan, a renowned specialist in English language teaching and applied linguistics, has also been writing poetry for many years. His first collection of poems, When They Come ...
by Daniela Mihaela Calinescu

Interview with Chris Hardy - Between poetry and music Interview with Chris Hardy - Between poetry and music Chris Hardy is a British poet and musician. He lives in London, but in his earlier years he has also lived in Africa and the Far ...
by Iulia Tanase

Interview with the poet Victoria Field As it is my very first time to interview a writer, I would like to know when you started to experience writing. Was there a particular book or poem that inspired you or expressing emotions and ...
by Catalina Stefania Virvescu

Deborah Tyler-Bennett: "The audience for poetry and poetry’s readership is small but dedicated" Deborah Tyler-Bennett’s current collection is Pavilion (Smokestack, 2010), set in Brighton, her first was Clark Gable in Mansfield (King’s England, 2003), selected poems are in Take Five ...
by Sinziana Mihalache


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Yramustea sh Tuduradzlji, di Santa al Culaki al Todi

Istoriclu a Tuduradzlor Tuduradzlji eara nauă frats sh tuts băna Yramustea. Di atselji nauă frats nai ma marli di elji avea numa Todi. Aeshtsă nauă frats armasiră oarfănj di dolji părintsă, shi ma marli ficior avea numa Todi. Ashi lă dzăsiră deapoa cu ...


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Soia a Tuduradzlor dupu afendi Culaki al Todi
caplu 3

Di strinipotslji a alushtor nauă frats a Tuduradzlor avem aestă soie: TASHA (parapaplu a meu), TEGA, MITA, YIORYI, sh ună SORA (tsi nu lj shtiu numa). TASHA ari fumealji: Coli, Toda sh Mara. Doi di elj, di Tuduradaz, nu avură fumelj, nu lă shtim numa, cum lă ...


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